Hessenberg CD

About the Recording

The recording was made at the Concert Hall of the Slovak Radio, in Bratislava, Slovakia, from March 13 through March 20, 2000.

The technical production team was R.E.C.: Producer Milos Betko, mixing engineer Otto Nopp, and editor Ladislav Krajcovic.

The main microphones were a pair of Neumann U-87’s, modified by Stephen Paul Audio of Burbank, California with 1.0 micron (as compared to 7.0 micron of the stock version) Mylar diaphragms deposited with an ultra-light layer of proprietary alloy. Additional stock U-87’s and Schoeps MK-4’s were employed as spot mikes, and the combined audio signals were fed into analog-to-digital converters by Apogee Electronics of Santa Monica, California for a high definition recording in 24-bit word length and 96-kHz sampling rate. Apogee’s UV22HR High Resolution CD Encoding was used in the CD mastering process.