Where to Purchase


Our Hessenberg CD is listed on amazon.com (United States), amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom), and amazon.de (Germany and Austria). However, it is no longer sold by Amazon itself, but instead by individual Marketplace Sellers. Please select "Cassandra Records" as the seller from whom to place your order, so that you will be sure to get a brand new copy and in the process support the production of this recording. Cassandra Records is a Marketplace Seller only on Amazon's U.S. site.

Direct Sales:

Both our Hessenberg CD and EigenArt's Petersen CD can be purchased directly from us - the Hessenberg for USD $16.00 and the Petersen for USD $17.00. Postage and handling to within the continental U.S. is $3.00 by first class mail for the first copy. Please contact us at info@CassandraRecords.com for international or multiple disc shipping quotes. California residents, please add sales tax appropriate for your locality.

At present, we do not accept credit card payments. We accept PayPal payments (payable to info@CassandraRecords.com), personal checks, cashier's checks and money orders (payable to "Cassandra Records"). If you send your payment by mail, please also send us an e-mail, so that we can look out for your post and keep you updated on the status of your order. Our mailing address is

Cassandra Records
11491 Orion Street
Riverside, CA 92505